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Welcome to the website on Ayya Vaikundar
A Different Revolutionist and Social Reformer.

Ayya Vaikundar(1809-1851), a great humanist and social thinker, lived in the Princisely Kingdom of Travancore in the early decades of the 19 th Century Kerala, is still remembered as the first well known social reformer in India who critiqued the caste discrimination and religious hierarchy and fought against the practice of untouchability. He is considered as the pioneer of such revolutionary movements in India . Ayya Vaikundar not only preached his views but practicalised among low caste poor people.

His exhortation 'ONE CASTE, ONE RELIGION, ONE CLAN, ONE WORLD, ONE GOD'' is world famous. He was against idol worship . He did not allow the portraitores to draw his figure. No evidence of any picture or any of his human figure are kept to prove his visual identity .So that he still remains as in the form of absolute wisdom.

It has been noticed that if the socio - political thinkers of modern India could have been accepted the vision of AYYA VAIKUNDA NATHAR much earlier , the political dimension of modern India might have attained a value based, qualitative trend in all walks of life. His theory and practice like 'samathva samajam' , 'sama panthi bhojan' , 'thottu namam podunkal' were much enough to cultivate a thought of equality and unity in Indian minds.

Since an ever remembered forefather of Nadar community, the community organization in Kerala Ayya Vaikundar Samathwa Samajam, India courageously taken an ambitious project to build up a suitable monument which will function as a center for research and studies on AYYA's social vision.

It is our endeavour to begin to search and practice the real thought of AYYA's socio political vision, so that the young generation of our time can create new skies for future India.

I can proudly state that this web site is the first one of its kind on AYYA VAIKUNDA NATHAR from Kerala.

I most humbly present this web site before the patriotic and progressive minded people of the world and invite to unite in the humanist way of AYYA.

By A.S. Ahimohanan

About Us

Ayya Vaikundar Samathwa Samajam, India, a Non Governmental Organization, is working for the socio-economic upliftment of this community by organizing micro level family groups and has been successfully leading in social works, with multifarious activities.

As the part of the development of the small scale farmers of the community, Ayya Vaikundar Samathwa Samajam, India has initiated and supported a wing known as Farmers Development and Charitable Society.

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