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Future Projects

As an enthusiastic organization with different social activities aiming the upliftment of downtrodden – rural - backward community, Nadar Family Welfare Centre indents to implement new projects.

SANTHWANAM for the abandoned

Women, young or old, happened to be abandoned due to very many circumstances. They are forced to live according to the will and pleasure of others. They have to work hard without any remuneration even as slaves. In most cases, they are being threatened at their living places. Due to fear of violence which comes against them, they are forced to run out. Sexual harassments are also seen common. The number of these victims are seen increasing day by day.

In certain cases girls in their young age are trapped by relatives and because of livelihood they had to be with these relatives for long years. These girls render their health as hard work and contribute much these families .Their children will be brought up with these girls. After long time these children grew up and they got married and their children comes .These new babies are also cared and looked after by these victims – forgetting their marriage and future.

By giving the chance to work and earn according to their own health and education, these women can be rehabilitated. Aiming this, Nadar Family Welfare Centre plans to start a project - SANTHWANAM.

In advance to this project training on commercial book production is given to twenty selected ladies in corporation with Govt. authorities. An industrial unit named Kamaraj Book Industries is being registered as an S.S.I Unit under Dept. of Industries. The project includes a work area with necessary machinery, a crush for the children and a living place for the homeless. It is estimated to have Fifty Lakhs of Rupees (US $1,00,000) including the land value of 20 cents.

This unit can produce note books for schools and colleges, registers and ledgers for offices and banks and also can provide job opportunity for twenty five persons.

As a first phase we indent to start it in a rented building with work area only so that the project can be launched and few can be employed. For this an amount of Rupees Eighteen Lakhs (US $36,000) is essential.

DOCUMENTARY FILM on Bharatharatnam K.Kamaraj

It is proposed to produce a documentary Film on the Socio- Political life of Bharatharatnam K.Kamaraj during the year 2009. The total budget is approximated as Rupees Two Lakh and Ninety Thousand (US $5800).

Pre-Production works (Research,Discussions, Meetings, Travel of production team, Stock shot arrangement from Films Division at Chennai, Mumbai and Puna, Advance payments, Paper works) = 60,000: Production (Film Negative, Camera, Lights, Accessories, Crew, Technicians, Accommodation, Communication etc.,) =1,30,000. Second trip for Stock Shots (from Chennai, Mumbai and Puna ,Technical works, Travel, Accommodation etc.) , = 60,000. Post Production : (Studio, Transferring, Editor, Recordist, Commentator, Anchoring, Special Effects, Final Copy etc.,) = 40,000.

Excluding the remuneration to Script writer and Director.

RE-LAUNCH of the traditional Palmyra products

The geographical features of southern part of Indian subcontinent always seen with different types of green palms, especially Palmyra trees. Each and every part of this tree was useful and income generating and became an essential part of human life .So it was known as KALPA VRUKSHA of DEVAAS. It got yielded from its fiftieth year to three hundred years. It can survive even in the extreme hot climate. The ancient people used the Palmyra wood for the construction of houses, furniture and even for bridges. The Palmyra leaves were used for writing official records, literature, painting and royal messages. Household baskets, different types of utensils, tools, hand fans etc. were made out of different parts of this tree. The sweetish Palmyra juice (NEERA) is not only a delicious drink but also a very good medicine.

Palmyra was given a very important role in the ancient history. Several Kings were accepted Palmyra as their official tree. Some of them were used it as a symbol in their flags. The bunch of Palmyra flower was the symbol of Chera Dynasty. They used to wear the garlands made out of Palmyra flowers.

From centuries ago, the life style of Nadar community was closely connected with the Palmyra industry. They developed different types of related industries also. In the nearby decades, the new generation of the community entered in to modern industrial and official life, the traditional activity was declined.

After long years Nadar Family Welfare Centre is trying to bring out the traditional activity to keep it as a symbol. Vocational trainings are given to unemployed house wives in making Palmyra leaf articles in each batch twenty five in number. The products manufactured are sold in local markets as well as in conducted exhibitions. Meanwhile the centre is looking out new markets including foreign markets for new products made out of Palmyra leaves and other parts.

During the coming years, we are planning to implement a project with one thousand families properly trained and brought in to this job as a micro venture for income generation. Awareness , tender- leaf collection and training ( theory and practical ), colour processing , providing access to credit , arrangement of support services etc., are the different sections of the project. Rupees Eighty Lakhs {Approx. US $ 160,000 ) is the estimated project cost.


Ayya Vaikunda Nather, the unforgettable forefather of Nadar community and a great social reformer in the first half of Nineteenth century is to be remembered and studied by the new generation in India and abroad. As a leader who fought for the dignity and rights of all backward communities his vision on humanity has to be researched seriously. For which the centre plans to build a monument in Thiruvananthapuram the capital city of Kerala in memory of Ayya Vaikundar.

Detailed master plan of the monument is under consultation with intellectuals. We will bring a profile of the same in this site within few weeks. Estimate is approximated as Rupees 2.5 Crores (Approx. US $ 500,000 ) including One Crore as land cost.


As a matter of fact that the centre is being a social service oriented organization, it has no any business or profit motivated involvements yet. All of our efforts are succeeding successfully only with the moral support of the witness and the well-wishers. So that we expect co-operation and financial help(both cash or kinds) from the broad minded people all over world.

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